GAM710 wk 11

Project organization

Project organization is another critical skill that embraces agile and the iterative process where ideas are only starting points from where the production moulds into the best possible result. I am using a Trello board to organise my sprints, as well as using the board’s flexibility to prioritize what ideas move forward or are pushed back in some cases. This skill is closely linked to priority management, deciding whether it’s worth moving forward with the idea not related to the core concept. I tend to broaden the scope of projects and must pay close attention to the sprints I have outlined and the individual tasks I have going on my Trello board.

I have also been using Git along with Unity Collaborate because it was easier to save the project without having to leave the Unity editor. I also had an issue saving iOS projects to GitHub after they were build using XCode. The file was over 1GB, and Git recommends that repositories be no larger than 1GB to preserve performance. I had tried using Git’s Large File Size client, but I was unable to push the file to GitHub. I was able to work around the problem by manually editing the project file to save to GitHub, but it took a bit of time, to filter out the unnecessary files. Saving to the cloud using Unity Collaborate saves me time over fighting with Git.

For me, project organization means having a clear idea at the outset of what needs to be done but understanding that some parts are going to change to make a functional app. Iteration brings additions in terms of details and making sure all the parts work well together, but it can bring simplification, the process of “cutting fat,” which means the unnecessary ideas or unfitting features.

My priority here is to use my Trello board to organize and track my two-week sprints for learning C# and Unity on Pluralsight. The goal also includes building Unity prototypes based on the Pluralsight exercises and saving them to Collaborate. The time frame of two-weeks for the sprints allows me to stay focused on learning C# and Unity. By following the Trello board, I will realise my goal of getting my C# and Unity skills firmly at the intermediate level.