GAM170 wk5.1

Progress Update

I have been on track with my Unity studies using Trello. I am about to start a personal project to test what I’ve learned with VRTK. I have completed a few of the tutorial videos and have successfully installed the toolkit into an example project. The challenge now is to be able to repeat the process on a new project and then tie user interactions to my own assets rather than those used in the tutorial.
I will test myself using my one-week (2 hours a day) deadline for a simple working environment. The only issues I foresee at the moment is having to fine tune the settings to get my assets to work correctly with VRTK. Being to teleport around the environment, interact with objects and trigger sound effects will be the yardstick to measure the results by. Having practiced with the examples, this should a good challenge and signal that it’s time to push myself a bit harder with the Unity. Being able to build basic interactive environments means being able to iterate quicker and start working on projects with more confidence. I have some extra time this week to bank towards this project, giving myself some wiggle room for an unforeseen problem. VRTK developers also have a very active Discord giving me additional help should I need it.
I will update this post with picture at the end of the week.

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 9.48.55


GAM170 wk5

Maya and Character Rigging

Spent the weekend doing some research after getting Maya installed and finishing a few of the tutorials. Its a really amazing what you can do with this and I’ve just scratched the surface. My goal is to get a basic understanding of the building a character and rigging it. I also installed Mudbox and was interested in how you export out the files as .fbx because the files in Mudbox save as .mud.  There are some tutorials with Mudbox on the sight but I think I will play with that another day. I am exploring Substance Alchemist which can extract textures form scans which is pretty cool. I need to stay focused and come back to the other Maya workflows later when I more time to dive in.

Working now on building a simple character and its going pretty well, just taking a bit of time with the back and forth of moving through the tutorials.

Update: When I started exploring Maya, I thought I could somehow find the time to learn but after working with it for a week or so realized that it was a lot harder to use than I imagined. I wasn’t able to translate the image I had in my mind’s eye into the character I created with Maya. Then something that I hadn’t realized until my adviser mentioned was that it would be better to contract out work like that, rather than to spend the time that I didn’t have and wasn’t contributing my core goal of making a virtual reality app. In hindsight, it was good to have gained a basic understanding of how Maya worked and general insight into how character movement works. Having this working knowledge provides an opportunity for team communication, but more importantly give me the knowledge needed to communicate the what I am looking for when contracting out Maya work from a freelancer.