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Unreal Engine 4.24.4, Rift Quest and Catalina OSX

I have wanted to explore the Unreal Engine after playing with the Unity Engine in the first module and working in Flutter during the second module. With the start of the third module, I felt it was time take the plunge and finally challenge building something with Unreal. It took quite a bit of work but finally got Unreal setup on my mac using Visual Studio Code as my IDE so I could work on making things for the Rift Quest. There are a few things that few steps needed to compile and run C++ directly from Visual Studio but it was much easier than stetting up Unreal for Android. I have included the link for .Net framework for OSX below the work through videos. Being a standalone HMD with cheaper price-point, as well as portability makes it more that idea in the classroom. There are quite a few hoops to jump through to get everything working on a mac. My starting point was a recent video walkthrough for setting up Unreal on OSX for Quest development. I have also attached a reference video for Windows users.


Oculus Documentation for Quest Development:

.NET Core 3.1 SDK