GAM720 wk3.1

Exploring a Visual Novel in Unreal

At the moment I have set up a test project in the Unreal engine and am using a guide from the Unreal forums –How to Make a Flexible Visual Novel system in UE4.  I’m using this to project to explore using the Unreal engine rather than Renpy or Unity. The project is in the bare bones stage with rough ideas bouncing around in my head and a few :

  • basic sketches of character ideas  ( looking at artwork from Rad Sechrist and Dan Holland, their work on Kibo)
  • playing with the colour scheme ( characters and background) and shading style.
  • drafting story outline.
  • thinking about sound

I had thought about using photos that had a post apocalyptic feel based on the photography of Ulric Collette but have decided to go with the hand drawn look seen in most visual novels but with an edge. Below was and idea for a character type based on a Collette photo. I’ll put up my sketches in another post.