GAM710 wk7.1

Player Movement Sprint

The challenge that I have set for the week deals with evaluating user movement.  How the user moves through and interacts with the VR environment and how this affects comfort and engagement.  I will be gathering feedback from my students

For the sprint, I will use a simple unity environment and duplicate it, then implement teleportation and thumbstick walking in the two respective scenes for use with the new style of Oculus controllers. First, I’ll start by reading Oculus VR best practices documentation and additional resources on the use of movement types and then create the VR test environment. Finally, I’ll explore the two movement types inside VR using an Oculus Rift S.

The sprint goal is to understand how movement affects user engagement with how VR cameras and Asynchronous Spacewarp (Oculus Rift) affect user perception. It also looks at how quickly moving or rotating the horizon line, or large objects affect the player comfort. By importing the Unity Locomotion sample scene as the base environment, and it will be relatively easy to build out the test environment quickly. I have committed 8 hours to the project. I am assigning 4 hours to research and the initial scene buildout. An additional 2 hours to implement the movement control types in the duplicated scenes and finally, committing the final 2 hours to test and recording the results.

The projected 8 hours should be more than enough to accomplish the sprint goal. I have experience with controller mapping inside a unity scene and will not be using additional software or addons. The sprint will conclude after the testing phase, and the next steps are dependent upon reviewing the sprint outcomes.

trello board

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