GAM710 wk4

Looking Back / Time Management

Over the past few weeks I’ve finished a Unity fundamentals course, jumped into an App Jam and started studying C#. One of the most difficult things I have encountered is managing my time correctly while working on projects but also keeping up on other course studies while balancing that against real world commitments like work.

Going forward one of my SMART goals will be setting up a bi-weekly schedule for my C# and Unity studies using a Trello board that I have set up to track short sprints for the chapters in the Pluralsight courses on Unity and C#. The chapters are usually 2.5 hours of video, along with exercises for each video that take an hour to complete. The time frame for a chapter sprint is two weeks and gives me the time to also focus on the weekly units on Canvas. Being realistic in setting deadlines for the amount of course material that I have to study will allow me achieve my Pluralsight goals and keep me moving forward. The amount of material to covered will fluctuate depending outside commitments but as long I am realistic with time should not have a problem with reaching an intermediate level in both C# and Unity by mid-September 2019.  I have set aside two hours of daily study time and my present schedule this is quite doable but I will reviewing this on a weekly basis. Setting realistic goals means accepting changes need to be made to the schedule when other commitments attention.

My commitment to learning Unity will help with one of the biggest obstacles I faced with the App Jam, which was trying to get a working Unity app while learning to use the software itself. At this point after the experience, I feel a bit more confident going forward and pretty excited about using Unity. I have sat down and really looked back over how I spent my time during the App Jam,  being honest and asking myself “What did you really do?” I managed to put something together but it really seemed to happen at the eleventh hour or at least it felt that way. Not having a clear idea of what I needed to do and being able to assign a realistic amount to to getting it done, had me bouncing back and forth between different parts of my project and really using my time wisely. Now that I have a basic understanding of the software and what actually goes into make a basic project, I can better plan of time. I also believe that improving my Unity and C# studies will allow me to be more productive and I look forward to the next App Jam.