GAM710 wk3.4

Prototyping App Jam Project

This week has been about just jumping in and getting something to work. At the beginning of the week I “just jumped in” and made a mess.  After seeing that some of the online tutorials I had been watching didn’t really give me a prototype the just outlined the mechanic and a basic level layout, I  felt like I was back to square one.

You watch a few Youtube videos on dropping in free assets from the assets store and think, “this will be pretty easy to get something up and running that looks good”. Looking back, I knew better but allowed myself to believe it was as easy as it looked.

I’ve now put a bit of time with Unity and have a better understanding of what I can do and just what a prototype is. I had to take some time and really think about what I needed to do and how that gets fleshed out. I went back to the tutorials on Pluralsight and worked on understanding basic scripting.

At this point, the player object understands the games objects and the cursor also reacts to the game objects, this is seen in the video below. Next steps are building out a test level and adding textures. At the moment I have put in 28 hours towards the App Jam while keeping up with my other studies. I didn’t realize short 40 hours would be but I feel I can get a test level working in the next day or two.