GAM710 wk3.3

Second Build with Scripting

Finally made it through the Unity Fundamentals training  video and have started the  next in the series. I had a bit of gap between starting and finishing and found myself going back over about an hour of instruction. I have rethought my original approach and the fact that I had put things off to dig into the App Jam. I need to spend some time with the Unity study, even if its just and hour to keep things fresh while playing with my App Jam project. I also had the chance to get another AR app onto my iPad that will let me place objects in camera space. For right now, I am just using a cube as a place holder. I am working on creating a prefab object to use. I’ll update the blog with my progress once I’m happy with the result.

This iteration I actually went through the process of creating a game object and using a script to give it functionality. The video tutorial was using an older version than I had installed as well as an older version of the ARKit plugin for Unity. This cause problems with using a RayCast and ARSessionOrigin. It took Googling to get it resolved. This still needs a bit of fine tuning with regards to plane detection. You can see the result below.