GAM170 wk1

Spent the first week digging into resources, the most interesting being the Google Lightning Talks video from the 2017 Game Developers Conference from the GDC Vault. Of particular interest were the ATAP group’s projects with Tango and Soli. It’s a shame that all the amazing work on that project came to an abrupt end in March of 2018. (have a look at this article for more on the death of Tango . I have been looking at third party dev kits that offer the similar depth sensing and 3D spacial mapping, such as Occipital’s Structor Sensor  but it is more for content creation rather adding ar/vr experiences to a mobile device. Probably the most exciting piece of kit I would love to design an app around is Soli .


Soli in action | Photo Credit: Google

This controller interface  uses mini radar quite different for other types of interfaces such as Jacquard . Having Soli chip embedded in a wristband or bracelet would allow discreet app interaction in very public places as opposed to having to grab, pinch, rub and push some piece of clothing with a bulky  connective tag attached to it. Soli is yet to see a beta release but I have signed up for release news.